Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Obama Administration

I have been hearing two diverse comments concerning the upcoming elections. One is that they will be a referendum on the Obama administration. The other is that they will be a choice between Democrats and Republicans.

Obviously, the administration has decided in favor of the latter view. I concur that, given the destructive nature of the Republican Party at this time, this will maximize the chances for Democratic survival.

To sum it up, the progressives are not inclined to a suicide pact.

So those of us who supported Obama in the past will mostly support the Democrats in 2010. This does not mean that we are happy about all of the administration's deal making with the very powerful groups who have been bleeding the nation white and their loyal bought legislators. These people will not make deals that are not in their interests but, it seems, the administration is unwilling to fight them.

OK, even pragmatists can have differences of opinion. However, in a transparent administration, differences can be freely discussed.

Much of the really gritty reality of this administration has been hidden. When that lack of "change we can believe in" is criticized, we get a Lardnerism: "shut up", he explained. That kind of snotty elitism could be interpreted as a lack of good character and, moreover, gutless.

Do you plan to continue in this manner - or will you shape up?

It's no sweat to me. I am 86 years old and I've seen enough for one bf lifetime.

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