Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear President Obama

I am 85 years old and my stake in the left-right political battle of the sound bites is minimal. But I do care very much about the struggle for a productive, humane and relatively stable society.

At this time, I find your contribution to that struggle to be minimal. I am of course not utterly shocked by the discrepancy between campaign rhetoric and actual performance. All the same, I cannot recall any previous instance when an administration spat in the faces of its most energetic supporters so publicly and unrepentantly.

If press sec Gibbs does not speak for the President then he should go. If he does, then this administration should not last beyond its present term.

Why? Because cutting deals with the very people who are bleeding the country white will not do what is necessary. It just prolongs the misery. Some battles are worth fighting even when the first battle is lost.

You just don't seem to get it.

I do not have the resources of the bankers or big pharma and my personal decision will have no significant effect on the next elections but I intend to do what is right in my own eyes.

Whatever I can contribute will be given solely to those progressive organizations who have not abandoned the fight for genuine change in Washington.

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