Sunday, April 26, 2009

Speechless at Last

This really needs to be heard. There is not much I need to add.


Fortunately, there are a few people left on Earth who still earn their money.

here's one


Sometimes, compromises are necessary.



  1. Uncle:

    We used to exchange an occasional opinion or two on the old NYT forum. I found you very interesting, well informed and very rational in your posts. Although I consider myself a "classical" conservative as opposed to the current bastardized version, I found in your writing as a liberal, much to agree with. In short, my thesis is that genuine liberals and genuine conservatives have much more in common than many would believe.

    I also remember your patience with the poster known initially as "Tilly" who then morphed into other handles. He claimed to be from the University of Chicago although this was one of his many claims that I took with a large grain of salt. :)

    It is good to see that you are in good health and still sharing your thoughts...Best regards.

  2. Welcome back, dbriz. I have lately been thinking of my stance as pragmatic. "liberal" and "conservative" are, at best, two attitudes toward effective problem solving. At worst, they become "ideology", which is a substitute for clear thinking and the last refuge of scoundrels.

    Tilly, if I remember him correctly, is actually at the University of Michigan and is still an ideologue of the "fair and free market" religion. It should be obvious by now that a really free market is never fair and informed.

    Religion, as a very well educated Catholic once told me, is an act of conscious blindness. In other words, the true believer can disbelieve contrary evidence that is in plain sight.

  3. Correction. I now recall that tilly was in Chicago but not at the university. He was a financial advisor or a funds manager.

  4. Thank you...I do remember that now. He was a bright guy but doctrinaire and often uncivil.

    Having grown up in Chicago myself...I often knew when he was was and on occasion I'd call him on it...much to his dislike. :)